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Our Tank story

There is a lot of different information floating around about our first tank and we never got to tell our story. First we will start by laying the ground work on this being a Hoosier Restoration project and idea. We had just finished the A7V project and we suggested we could build a American tank display for the museum. Brian Bartholome, along with his partners Grant and Randy Becht discussed this idea after, Janet Becht, One of the founders of Hoosier restoration, had said that Hoosier could do the project. Then the idea was to make a light weight version of a m1917 out of 10 gauge material or 1/4 steel. After discussing this with the museum  CEO.  they changed the criteria to be made of the heavy material and 1;1 replica.

So this tank was built by Brain and Randy at great cost to themselves. This was a recreated vehicle, a few original small parts where found, but most where un useable. This project had many helpers , which with out them, things like this could not be done by Brian, Grant and Randy, 

Industrial Filter, where Brian is the Plant Manager, and his brother Mike Bartholome, and Sarah Fraizer ,are the owners,  gave countless donation on many of the parts, weather it was time on the lasers ,or time on the waterjets, but without these good people behind Brian and Randy non of this would be possible. Mike Eaton, CEI Engineering, Vincennes Welding, Jon Andrews, are some of the countless others to help in this endeavor. You get the picture the list goes on and on. This was a labor of love. HR prides themselves on doing a professional job and give more to their projects then is required. If you have a project , it dosnt have to be military, we can recreate just about anything. A veterans discount is availible ,just ask Brian or Randy about it and they will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

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War Prints For your vehicles 

Shot by Larry Hampton art studios

New M2A1 scout car parts chaser for shop,

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