Remember  and thank a Vet.

11 hour, 11 day, 11 month 1918

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Here our Two 1916 37 mm cannon carriages for London Trading Company`s owner

Pak 40 charging handle recreated

New M2A1 scout car parts chaser for shop,

Yes I said parts chaser.

Here is our shell of Nixie 2 rebuilt using the original turret from Nixie II

Copy and paste this to see her at the Louisville show

starts at 20:45 in the segment

As for me and my house

We serve the Lord

We donated this build from ground up as you see in photos above. all guns and storage was recreated by us.

Our recreated 3 inch cannon

T 16 before us

HR and Movie Props

Our 50 cal pull pit

Our Tank story

There is a lot of different information floating around about our first tank and we never got to tell our story. First we will start by laying the ground work on this being a Hoosier Restoration project and idea. We had just finished the A7V project and we suggested we could build a American tank display for the museum. We discussed this idea after, Janet Becht, One of the founders of Hoosier restoration, had said that Hoosier could do the project. Then the idea was to make a light weight version of a m1917 out of 10 gauge material or 1/4 steel. After discussing this with the museum  CEO.  they changed the criteria to be made of the heavy material and 1;1 replica.

So this tank was built by Brain and Randy at great cost to themselves. This was a recreated vehicle, a few original small parts where found, but most where un useable. This project had many helpers , which with out them, things like this could not be done by us. So we thank all who helped us in this project.

Here is a 1916 37 mm cannon and chassis we did for our good friend. He wanted the tanker version to display on carriage

Our scratch built M1917 tank.

T 16 after we finished

War Prints For your vehicles 

Shot by Larry Hampton art studios